Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Animal sacrifice & welfare

Animal sacrifice & welfare

Animal Sacrifice & welfare

What do you feel when you read the topic of this article? Extremes of one subject?

Animal (and human) sacrifices for gods have still being a special ritual of certain religions and beliefs. For developed nations, this is not that much common. However some fundamentalists of certain religions still perform & promote those extreme rituals. So some devotees raise some animals for sacrifice while some purchase animals for sacrifice. Their intention is to satisfy their gods at their best level. They have hardly any intention to hurt animals. Some of them are real vegetarians. So this is religious, cultural and not for pleasure.

animal slaughter as the sacrifice in Sri Lanka

Animal welfare groups are spawning around the world these days. And it has been a new fashion of some level of societies. They raise funds and have certain conferences in cool rooms with beautiful pictures of animals. They spread the message that CERTAIN animals should be given freedom to live in peace in the same environment as we human beings live in. That is good but what about the Zoo? They have delicious (as per them) meals with meat stuff like Chicken, mutton, beef, pork and fish. (Rarely do we find some people really want to share the environment with animals.)So this is done for pleasure basically.

elephants are lead to the cages?

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